Concealed Shoulder Holster

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Best Concealed Shoulder Holster in the World

VISM by NcStar Ambidextrous Horizontal Shoulder Holster with Double Magazine Holder, Black (CV2909)

NcStar Ambidextrous Black Shoulder Holster/Double Magazine Holder CV2909

Consumer Reviews
  • “This wears well over a shirt and under a jacket.” – Jimbob
  • “I returned this as it did not fit either my Glock 21 Gen4 .45 ACP or my Springfield XDM 9mm.” – Jan S. Rosenberg
  • “It is a tight fit and takes a bit of work but once its worn a bit it will be just fine.” – Jeffrey Doran

UTG Deluxe Vertical Shoulder Holster, Black

COMBAT OPERATION HOLSTERS, Adjustable Law Enforcement Vertical Shoulder Holster for Pistol/Flashlight/Laser Accessories, Features Padded Shoulder, Strap/Velcro to Adjust Width, Double Extra Mag Pouch

Product Ratings
  • “Good shoulder holster, there are better ones but they cost so much more.” – Russell Dayton
  • “I never got to test out the comfort of the shoulder holster because it was not safe to walk around.” – Norman Charboneau
  • “I actually cut the velcro strap off and left the button snap.” – Sean

Tactical Cross Draw Shoulder Holster--BLACK

-Concealed design with horizontal carry right hand cross-draw holster with attached spare magazine carrier.
-Double Mag Pouch is attached to the right side so you’ll never run out of ammo.

Product Research
  • “Seems to be very well made.” – JWR
  • “The belt loops are Velcro, so they stay connected but the clips that tighten the straps have way too much give.” – Brian J. Ludwig
  • “The item had a bad smell deep in it and had to machine wash it to try to get it out.” – KB5WIO

DeepConcealment Shoulder Holster (Medium 33-38 Inches, Right Hand Draw)
DeepConcealment Shoulder Holster

Our shoulder holster will conceal your gun without the need to wear a suit or jacket!
Unlike other shoulder holster rigs that make you wear a suit or jacket, you can wear it under your regular shirt! Provides fast access to your gun in case of emergency.

Product Comparisons
  • “This Holster is very comfortable and the weapon feels secure.” – Kyle B. Craig
  • “For my size, the holster conceals it pretty good, can’t tell that I have it on under a sport or dress shirt.” – Steve R.
  • “I would recommend it to anyone interested in a concealed type holster.” – Danny Black

Vertical Shoulder Holster for S&W Sigma,SW9VE,SW40VE,SW9GVE,SW40GVE
Federal Holsterworks

This is a traditional styled shoulder holster featuring a wide stay flat shoulder pad constructed of two layers of Cordura, laminated and edgebound for stability and comfort.

Product Reviews
  • “Very nicely made holster.” – John Skinner
  • “A S&W Sigma SW40 fits perfectly.” – HDTV Pro
  • “Great for concealing even under a fleece jacket.” – Firefly

Fobus   SHR2 Shoulder Harness Ambidextrous (Double)

Lifetime Warranty – All Fobus products carry a 100% Customer Satisfaction no questions asked policy.

BLACKHAWK! Shoulder Holster-Concealed (4 Barrel Autos, Intermediate DA Revolvers)

The BLACKHAWK! Shoulder Holster-Concealed offers a fully adjustable thumb break to fit most standard autos and TalonFlex inserts that stiffen holster for quick, efficient draw and re-holstering.

Crosman AirSoft Shoulder Holster

Crosman Airsoft Shoulder Holster – Adjustable

Consumer Guide
  • “Would recommend it to anyone looking for a shoulder Holster.” – Roger Breeden
  • “The fit was an easy adjustment.” – azpsm
  • “The material is pretty good.” – AK-47MAN

UTG Deluxe Universal Horizontal Shoulder Holster, OD Green

Deluxe Universal Horizontal Shoulder Holster – O.

Customer Reviews
  • “Easy to adjust and very comfortable.” – Matthew Hunt
  • “It is very well made & sturdy for a nylon holster but not stiff.” – Charles Powell
  • “If you have a heavy weight handgun this may not be the holster for you, if it isn’t adjusted properly it feels very awkward and can bounce around.” – M. Eckert

Shoulder Holster for S&W SD9VE & SD40VE - Right Hand
Federal Holsterworks

This is a traditional styled shoulder holster featuring a wide stay flat shoulder pad constructed of two layers of Cordura, laminated and edgebound for stability and comfort.

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