Best Small Handguns

Are you looking for a new small handguns? If your answer is yes, I would like to introduce you our website.

This page will review the small handguns shown here by way of giving you as much impartial information as possible.

Here are some of the small handguns that you can consider. Happy reading!

Best Small Handguns in the World

UKARMS 1911 Spring Plastic Pistol Airsoft Gun 217AF w/ Laser, Light FPS-160

You really can’t beat the 217AF by UKARMS when it comes to options and a great price. The M1851F comes with a LED tactical light and a laser sight. The gun fires straight and accurate and is very easy to load.

Product Ratings
  • “I tried to fix it again, and when I loaded it and shot, the top fell off and a part inside broke and springs shot out.” – hayestree
  • “Broke in a day.” – Augie
  • “This is a great and cheap buy the laser is really off bit what to expect from a cheap gun like this.” – Pen Name

Smith & Wesson M&P Airgun (Black, Medium)
Smith & Wesson

This BB gun is a replica pistol based on the S&W Military and Police firearm. The M&P air pistol is a BB repeater powered by one 12g CO2 cylinder that hides in the grip of the BB pistol.

Product Comparisons
  • “Very powerful and pretty accurate.” – J. Padilla
  • “The Good – Feels and looks real.” – thegrandwazoo
  • “One thing I don’t like is how every time you pop the clip out BB’s fall out.” – AppleMan

Double Eagle Twin P328 Spring Pocket Pistols Airsoft Guns
World Tech Arms

We all know more equals better right? Why get only one airsoft gun when you can get two. Introducing the Double Eagle Twin P328 Spring Pocket Pistols.

Consumer Reports
  • “The gold one came broken and doesn’t work.” – A guy
  • “Better to save up a bit and get better quality.” – chelsea kay
  • “They fit in your pocket and are surprisingly accurate and powerful.” – ClarkB

M9 Airsoft Gun Pistol hand gun

Spring pistol, black 8.5 Overall length 60 pcs/ctn 28*13*17 46 lbs/ctn 3.92 cu.

Consumer Reports
  • “Do not buy add the money you’re going to spend on this to a better gun!” – Jasmine Jenkins
  • “I only shot it about 10 times and some plastic piece broke off.” – W. Wetherbee
  • “Gun broke after 2 days of use.” – austinjay

G.1 Airsoft 6mm Pistol Metal Zinc Alloy Shell Hand Gun

This Airsoft gun is made with Metal Alloy Shell. The Spring Airsoft Pistol is powered by a spring and must be cocked for each shot. It’s fast, clean, inexpensive and easily maintained; it requires no gas or batteries to operate.

Product Research
  • “Okey, this gun is very good.” – David Arrington
  • “This gun is very powerful and is full metal which adds the necessary weight to make it feel like a real gun,stock bb’s are good with the this gun.” – Pricedownmall
  • “Highly recommended for any airsoft lover, gun nut, and collectors.” – Stephen Wu

Ak887 9mm Silver Airsoft Pellet Gun
AK887 9mm Silver Airsoft Pellet Gun

Full scale replica of a 9mm Pistol. Silver and Black AK-887. Uses 6mm plastic BB’s (included) and 6mm Paintballs (not included).

Consumer Guide
  • “Broke apart after the first day.” – Shannon Jungerman
  • “I ordered two, and one of the came broken.” – Unity J. Dienes
  • “Made out of cheap plastic.” – rachel

Makarov CO2 BB Pistol air pistol

Umarex Makarov pistol CO2-powered Uses one 12-gram CO2 cartridge Shoots steel BBs 16-shot removable BB mag Double- and single-action Fixed front and rear sights Full metal construction Moveable slide Black frame with brown grips Never shoot steel BBs at hard objects .

Consumer Reports
  • “The gun looks and feels very much like the real thing.” – Phoinix
  • “Works very well and is fun to shoot!” – J. Palmer
  • “Anyway I thought this was a good enough bb gun because I bought two extra clips.” – Martin Longstreet

Full Metal Airsoft Pistol

These 6.5 FULL METAL Airsoft Pistols are one of the best metal guns you can find. The slide on the top of the gun slides back to cock the gun, then just pull the trigger to fire.

Customer Reviews
  • “Well it is in fact, full metal.” – DannyJ
  • “I would definitely recommend it for messing around and plinking.” – greco
  • “The metal holds up well however the mechanism that keeps the spring cockd wore down within 3 weeks of minimal use.” – Joshua Harvey

G3 Heavy Metal Airsoft Pistol Gun 6 Long

Shooting Mode: Spring

Firing Modes: Single Shot

Velocity: 230 FPS with .12g BBs

Ammo: 0.12g 6mm BB

Magazine Capacity: 9 rounds

Net Weight: 0.

Product Ratings
  • “There’s metal inside the gun but looks like plastic.” – Alan
  • “This pistol is really small, and is pretty powerful.” – Andrew Bennett
  • “The gun works at first but after 10 or 20 shots it starts to get jammed and wont fire.” – bran bran

CYMA CM122 Short Magnum Airsoft Electric Pistol Metal AEP

CYMA has made a great Airsoft Electric Pistol compare to other makers. Its solid design, realistic styling, and incredible accuracy make this a sought after airsoft sidearm or primary CQB weapon.

  • “It’s obvious that the scale is off, making this AEP look incredibly chunky and awkward from the front.” – Savior
  • “The company was quick to replace the damage piece.” – watsonwilmer
  • “This is a fantastic pistol, i would recommend it for people who just want a small gun, and for people who want a secondary.” – Dennarb

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