Best Combat Handguns

One of my friends bought a combat handguns here months ago, and she claims that it is the best combat handguns she has ever had.

Our website was set to give you that reference. If you are the one worrying about the decision making, our page will deserve your time and energy.

Wish you have a great shopping.

Best Combat Handguns in the World

Soft Air Colt 1911 6-Inch Target Model Spring Powered Airsoft Pistol with Laser (Clear)
Soft Air

Colt 1911 – clear with Laser

Product Reviews
  • “After firing three balls, the trigger broke.” – Amie D. Farinella
  • “This seems like it would be a cool gun… til’ u start shooting it.” – Tony Bingham
  • “The laser sight is garbage.” – Ryan Young

Daisy 991011-403 Win Model 11 Semi

There’s no need to go to the range or drop a load of cash on expensive firearm ammo to experience the fun of shooting a semi-automatic pistol with blowback action.

Consumer Reports
  • “It looks and feels like a real 1911 and the blow-back feature adds more realism.” – Joseph L.
  • “Very accurate, good feel, well balanced.” – Jim Valen
  • “It gummed up, but slowly moved back out.” – TR0N1C

Gamo P-23 Air Pistol

For people that love to shoot, Gamo has made the hottest semiautomatic CO2 pistol in the world. With BB’s it’s a 12 shot semiautomatic and if you are really fast you can get 12 shots off in less than 3 seconds! For extreme accuracy, it can be loaded as a single shot pellet pistol.

Combat Handguns Reviews
  • “This is a fantastic air pistol with solid construction and good accuracy.” – S. Luedke
  • “After less than three months, my Gamo P-23 air pistol is unusable.” – Dwight W. St John
  • “That thing is a beast.” – David Silva

Desert Eagle .44 Magnum Softair Pistol
Soft Air

Adds another dimension to the airsoft shooting experience. Licensed Desert Eagle 50 Magnum Replica. Item# 90121 Spring Operated Airsoft Gun Adjustable BAXS System.

Consumer Reports
  • “This is a really nice gun, very durable and really good range and speed for a pistol.” – Randall Bean
  • “It is really cool looking.” – Justine A. Day
  • “It broke when i dropped it on my bed.” – Renee

Beretta 92 FS Spring Pistol (Black, Medium)

This Beretta replica is a spring powered, single action pistol.

Buyers Guide
  • “If you’re looking for a cheap and great Beretta airsoft pistol, look no further, this is the one.” – Tyrant
  • “This is a pretty nicely made pistol.” – Wesley A. Reibert
  • “Again, the weight makes if feel very sturdy.” – beury

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